Saturday, April 18, 2009

Lots to Type About

Happy Spring! Ha-ha! Finally we had a warm day. My Aunt Paige got this cookbook called Deceptively Delicious. My Grandma got one for her and my family too. There are so many awesome things I can't wait to make in there. Today I made these frozen yogurt pops that were in there. 2 cups plain yogurt (I used vanilla though) 2 cup fruit ( I used black berries and peaches) and 1/2 confectioners sugar. Pour into the ice cube trace and wait. Oh boy, was is delicious. The kids love it. By the way Paige, Yogurt Express is my new favorite! Ha-ha!

April 16th I went to an AWESOME photography class at the San Diego Zoo. Bu the catch is... it was nighttime photography! My grandma took me and we had SO much fun. The class was mostly professional, old, retired men so it was pretty interesting... in a good way...

We went around the zoo after closing hours and took a bunch of pictures. At the end, you pick your two favorite ones to show up on a big projector screen (anonymously) so the teacher, Ron Garrison, could critique it and complement. At first I thought I had no good pictures but Grandma made me turn in some pictures which I am glad we both did! He really actually like ours! When mine popped up on the screen I heard ooooo's and ahhhhh's. He loved the colors and told me to crop it more. Just then, Grandma called out to the WHOLE dang class, "THAT'S MY 14 YEAR OLD GRANDDAUGHTER'S PHOTO!!!" Ugh... I elbowed her and told her to shhhh! Ha-ha! People, of course, turned around and said, "You took that picture?" Haha! It was great. The teacher was funny and a lot of good advice/tips. I took lots of notes. That class was defiantly an eye opener for me. Now, I don't see nighttime the same way any more....

Here are some pictures that I took there.

This is one picture I showed to the class. I squeezed through some bushes and saw this bird and it looked cool next to the bridge. My flash was on (stupid) and it lit up the pond. When the picture came up on the slideshow at the end of class this is kinda how the conversation went.

Teacher: "Wow, interesting" After a few moments.. "Did you know that there were fish in that pond?"

Me: "No.."

Everyone laughed.

The straight and narrow path... I will take that pipe out later...

I didn't know I had this flamingo reflection picture till I got home. I think it looks better when I flip it right side up though.... oh well...

Cute.... Oh, this one guy got this picture of a kola's face. It was so close, the lighting was perfect and the eye was amazing. Everyone was awed over it. The teacher was going on about how good it was. I could be believe that is was taken in the nighttime condition! Then the guy that took the picture said, "Oh. Well, it's that kola over there..." Ha-ha-ha! It was the stuffed animals kola in the room we were sitting in!!!!!

He also taught us how to fix that glarey eye...

This is the one that he REALLY liked.. the Ooo aww photo! Ha-ha

Have you ever seen the Zoo parking lot like this? Can you see our car?

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Happy Easter!

Hope everyone had a nice Easter and spring break! Enjoy the pictures!

Yummy almonds!

Scrambled Egg?

Mommy made a bunny Cake

and a lamby Cake

More Yummy Almonds!

My Pack man egg with Mrs. Pack man on the other side.

Decorating is messy fun

Easter Eggs

Decorating with crayons!

March Birthdays

Grandma, Joey and I both had a birthday in March. Here are a few funny pictures.
Grandpa brought us over some fire fighter hats and we had lots of fun with those as you can imagine!
Yummm... Angel Food cake; just perfect for an angel.

Baby Goats!

Hip Hip Horray! Audrey's dairy goat Bad Penny had babies! A girl and a boy. She named the girl Bad Cein. They are so cute and are getting big. I will post pictures later....

Professional Lizard Catchin Man - Joseph Greenwood! Joey caught this hug fat lizard and I thought I'd share it with you.