Sunday, October 17, 2010

Joey's Blog

Howdy Yall! Joseph just started his own blog!

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Have a good day!

Happy 12th Birthday Audrey!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Family Trip to the Sierras

The Greenwood family took a memorable trip to Sierra Nevadas. We camped in Big Meadows I think by Rock Creek. We fished all day long. The first day we arrived we caught seven fish, cleaned them, and ate them the same day. The meat was so pink and perfect! After the trip, the total fish count came out to be:
Daddy- seven
Mommy- six
Malary- three
Robby- one
Audrey- one
Joey- seven
Frank- one
Brian- three
Grandpa- three
Oh and my grandpa and I are each others good luck charms. If we didn't fish together we wouldn't have any luck. When we did fish together, he caught two HUGE ones all in a row in the same spot and I caught one huge one with him.

We are going to have a yummy fish fry with the fish we caught and didn't eat up there. Enjoy the pictures!

Audrey and Chainsaw

Me on huge rock

Me on huge rock again... we all climb barefoot at some point

Frank and Mommy made it to the top

Cute Frank

Grandpa getting ready to fish

Frank's first catch

Brian's fish he caught bare handed... man did he tire that fish out...

Joey's fish

Audrey's fish

Ew! He's not to sure about this! Haha Joey, Brian, Grandpa, Daddy, and me all cleaned the fish. 5 out of 10

Now that's gross!

The kid tent. All six of us slept and told "scary" stories in here while Mommy/Daddy got trailer and Grandma and Grandpa slept in their camper.

Frank and me around the camp fire

Robby climbing the rock. People came with expensive gear, crash landing pads, chalk, etc.. and Robby shimmies up their barefoot.

Brian attacking my head... how cute

We stopped by the Whitney Fish Hatchery on the way home. When the kids threw fish food in, tons of fish swarmed and jumped out of the water to get food.

Chainsaw wanted the fish sooooo bad. He kept whining and staring at the huge fish!

Silver lining.... this was a FANTASTIC trip.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Move

Here is our new house in town. No more boonies, out in the sticks, or wilderness. Yes, we miss it. But being in town is a lot more convenient. Enjoy with us the new adventures the Greenwood family will endure!

Ventura County Fair- Goat Show first weekend in August