Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Eve Ride

Audrey and Kailee on Christmas Eve Morning going to ride Magic.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Santa Through the Ages

We got our picture with Santa today. 1 and 1/2 hour wait! UGH! I did not want to go and take my picture with Santa. But my mom wants us to look back one day and laugh because we hated it. It felt stupid being around crying babies. But then a few other kids in front of us, I notice, were my age with brothers and sisters. So I concluded, as long as I live in a house with my siblings, I am going to have to get my picture taken with Santa.

You might notice missing years. Those pictures are on my mom's external hard drive somewhere for when we took picture with the church Santa- (aka Brother Thorm).

Enjoy Santa Through the Ages- Greenwood Style!

Watch how the kids multiply!! Its like magic!

1995- Malary

1996- Malary and Robby

1997- Robby

1997- Malary

1998- Malary, Robby, and Audrey


1999- Malary, Robby, Audrey

2000- Malary, Robby, Audrey, Joseph

2001- Malary, Robby, Audrey, Joseph

2002- Malary, Robby, Audrey, Joseph, Frank

2005- Frank

2005- Joseph

2005- Audrey

2005- Robby

2005- Malary

2006- Malary, Robby, Audrey, Joseph, Frank, Brian

2008- Malary, Robby, Audrey, Joseph, Frank, Brian


The Greenwoods

Slightly More Normal Christmas Card

Hello again family, friends, and visitors,
Christmas Eve is tomorrow and SO much needs to be done. We've been cleaning outside a lot lately and 40 acres is a lot to cover. I've been cleaning down at the animals all morning so now I am taking a break before I go down again. I even let all the goats out while I cleaned!

Anyways, this picture is our Christmas card photo. My grandma made my sister's dress (red) and I (with lots of help) sewed my dress(black)! I wish I took pictures while I was making it. My grandma has always done the girls' Christmas and Easter dresses. Now, I'm going to start sewing my own. The pattern was my grandma's from high school. She kept a bunch of patterns.

I'll probably put more pictures from our Christmas Eve tomorrow night. Until then!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas Break Boredom

As you can see from the numerous posts within two days, I am extremely bored. I was seriously considering doing some school work. I've read every one's blogs and clean my room top to bottom. Christmas is coming fast. I told a few other people this; It seems like yesterday that I hung up a paper chain link of 25. Now only three are left hanging! WOW! Plus this is my break from packaging, peeling, and addressing late Christmas cards with my mom. A few more thing to do as Christmas stares me in the face.

Enjoy a Christmas poem I am working on about an angel looking over the nativity scene. This is the draft. If you read it slow and out loud it sounds better..... Until I get bored again! ~Malary

Above the stable, a bright contrast,
I, the brightest angel, yet another’s brighter
A pure face below me is much lighter.

Chin in my hands, I ponder the scene,
All below me stop and stare
To gaze upon this Heavenly heir.

This babe that was just in His kingdom,
Now lay in a feed trough for the creatures
Resting in the lowest with blissful features.

Admiration beamed upon their faces,
As I gazed next to the shepherds meek
With staffs so long, worn, and unique.

Much more emotions displayed,
Even under their beards like wool of sheep
Shepherds joyous of the babe asleep.

What makes the Wise Men wise?
For they knew this Lord so small
Would one day save us all.

Joseph’s countenance so humble,
A carpenter, with a hand on his wife
Pondered over this precious life.

This life he’d protect with carefulness,
An earthly father Joseph must be
For salvation, this infant is the key.

Soft, steady breathing of our Savior,
Tired and quiet Mary listened to him
A son she’d raise, with love to the brim.

Mary bent to kiss her baby’s cheek,
All sounds silent to worship our Lord
While all hearts sang with one accord.

Above the stable, I smile at last
And leave my Lord to finish his rest
On earth now to finish His quest.

Sugary Cereal- Once in a Year Opportunity!

Ingredients-(on the side)
Gravel, bird seed,
wood chips, corn husks,
burlap bag, weeds, dirt

(and its a good thing too!)
Ingredients- (on the side) Glucose, sucrose,
dextrose, corn syrup, honey,
sugar, trace amounts of
wheat flour just to hold
the pieces together.

My mom never buys the sugar loaded,
high fructose corn syrup cereal.
When she occasionally does, its gone in
less than a day. Frank and Brian loved
their breakfast this morning.
See the empty bag? I gotta say, I did too.
The other two pictures are from
a book titled, What Are You So Grumpy About? It's the funnest book.

Decorating the Tree

Decorating the Christmas tree. You can tell that we are truly Mormon because we waited three days before Christmas to decorate the tree. It was fun and Audrey had her friend over. Enjoy the pictures!

This is my dad's new ornament. He was driving home from work and he passed this boot in the road. He turned around and grabbed the boot that was in a box. He said he looked everywhere for the other boot but couldn't find it. He made up all kinds of stories about who it could've belonged to and what not. So, every time we drive to and from town, we look for the left, size seven, brand new boot.

Audrey's First Christmas Ornament

Joey's first ornament

Frank's first ornament

Brian's first ornament

Of course, BSA neckerchief and
"A Major Award" from the Christmas Story
How "Greenwoodish" can one Christmas Tree get?

Audrey and her friend Scotlyn
who spent the night

Awwwww they just love each other so much!

Brian and Spongebob ornament

Monday, December 21, 2009

Merry Christmas!
A must watch video! Keep the true spirit of Christmas present always!

Have a great time with family and friends!

Happy New Year!

The Greenwoods

Don't worry, our real Christmas card picture is slightly more normal...

Frank's 7th Birthday Extravaganza


See the resemblance?

Frank's double shot Nerf gun!
"Put 'em up!"

Pinata time! Transformer's Optimus Prime was filled with Twinkies, chips, and candy! Can you see Frank's stick stabbed through?

Happy Birthday! Transformers cake! Yummmmmm

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Knott's Berry Farm!!

A few weekends ago, our family went to Knott's for our grandparent's anniversary. Firemen and their families gets discounts so the deal was pretty good. Everyone had a blast! It's been a while, a long while, since our whole family has gone to a theme park. Knott's has got be be our favorite. I tried to load a video, but it didn't work. Sorry. It was good to see Paige, Matt, and Kennedy.

Here's a link to view a few photos of our Knott's trip since my computer is not cooperating. I can't get the cute and funny ones uploaded!!!!

Hope your Christmas is jolly and bright!! (And not too hectic!)

(Hurry Back Soon! Ghost Town)

Friday, November 27, 2009


Thanksgiving at Grandpa and Grandma Needham's! All the food was fantastic, as usual. THANK YOU! Hope you Thanksgiving was great too!

Grandma's Roses

Frank blowin' bubbles

Snack Tray! The olives last about 10 seconds!

Grandpa's Oven Turkey

Grandpa's Smoked Turkey!

More Grandma's Roses

The Stallion.... ugh


Mommy's Yams and Beets

Grandpa's Kitchen!