Friday, February 25, 2011

Coming Soon!

It seems like forever; it HAS been forever. Excuse me for the terrible lack in updating. I have so much to post including birthdays, camping, Christmas, BABY GOATS, and lots of other random pictures of the kids.

I just started softball at the high school. I am on the Junior Varsity team. Also, I am REALLY into family history!!!!

Robby is playing Rugby and baseball. He's stinky all the time.

Joey and Brian are having a great time doing gymnastics. Man are they STRONG!

Frank is also playing baseball and driving everyone to crazy town. He's cracked some really funny wise jokes lately which I will post soon.

Audrey is winning all kinds of things in dog agility with Chainsaw. Her goats will be having babies soon!

I hope to post all these pictures once we get settled into my grandparents house. Have I ever mentioned that moving is a nightmare?! I am SOOOOOOO grateful for my Grandpa and Grandma Needham. Most post hopefully to follow in the next month or so. HOPEFULLY sooner than later.