Monday, May 18, 2009

Grandpa's Birthday Party

On Sunday we went to Grandpa's birthday party.
It was really fun and had good food.
Happy Birthday Grandpa!

Cherry Pit Spitting Contest- See if you can find the pit!

Adorable Kennedy

Yum.... cake! Mommy made a delicious four layer cake!

Well they do!!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Audrey's Babies

Here are picture of Audrey babies La Mancha's that were born about one month ago. They're so hairy!!! Haha!

Baby Nubians

About one week ago my dairy goat, Janel, had babies. Four babies to be exact! FOUR BABIES! WOW! I don't know where she put them! The little babies are just so darn cute! My mom had to pull three of the four out. Can you imagine having your hand up a goat (with a glove) and feeling around for one of the three tangled babies, maybe two of the 12 legs, and one head match to the legs! Ha-ha! Wow! Crazy isn't!

Anyways, here are some pictures, names, and more of the story.

These are videos are when they were about 1/2 hour old.

The pictures (besides the first one) are about two days later.

Oo-Da-Lally- third born- doe(girl) The biggest one too!

This is my Pretzel. Pretzel was second born. She was a breech. She came out (with a little help) upside down and twisted like a pretzel. Her registered name will probably be Cinnamon Sugar Pretzel though.

Mr. Wiggles- Last one born- buck(boy) He loves to snuggle!

Frank named this goat Ben Kenobi (from Star Wars) He was the first born.