Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Family History Work

Well for all you faithful blog readers, here's a post on my family history research. I really should be doing my Geometry homework, but this can be our secret. Since moving to my grandparent's house, I have found some really cool things. Their house is a gold mine of memories! One day I found a drawer full of my mom's and grandma's jewelry from their high school days!! I also am in the middle of reading a 1900 journal of my ancestor Grant Baird. His journals cover 1900-1935. I'm going to translate them to digital in case something happens to all the pocket sized journals. Maybe one day I can put a couple of entries from his journal and pictures of it! It's so COOL!

But what really got me excited was tubs and drawers full of old family pictures and newspaper articles. It is amazing to search through the pictures and connect names with faces! I have started scanning the pictures into my grandma's computer and editing them in Photoshop. I take out the rips and fix smudges. Below are a few pictures that I have scanned and edited. I have been mostly researching families on my great grandpa Haworth's side. His family is so interesting! I found we are related to Emily Dickinson, the poet, through the Gallup family which is my grandma's 10th great grandfather!

Everyone should have the opportunity to research and share stories about their ancestors. I love it! It's so addicting! Enjoy the awesome pictures. More to follow soon!