Saturday, June 21, 2008

Officially Summer!

Hi Everyone!
Sorry I haven't been updating. We have been getting ready for the Del Mar Fair! We leave this Monday! We are there for a whole week! The kids have just been swiming and playing. I do have some news! I was published in the Fallbrook Village News paper twice! I am an author! Audrey and Robby went to a fun sleep over a couple days ago. Audrey and I also help a lady get ready for Del Mar with her goat. We had a lot of fun! Oh and our butterfly garden sprouted!! I will get pictures as soon as Grandma Patsy gets her butt out here. Haha just kidding Grandma I love you! It was been very hot here so keep cool!!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Summer Swim

Today was a little hot out so the kids went swiming. Here are some cute pictures. We also washed the car. I gave my horse Jessie a bath. She looks so gorgeous! Audrey also gave Shasta a bath. Keep Cool!
All I said was say cheese...

Scorpion Season...

Hey everyone!

Robby, my brother, wanted me to post this on the blog. We caught two scorpions! They were battling in the jar. Here are the pictures.
Yes, scorpions are entertaining...

School's Out!!!

Hip hip hooray!

No school today!

Everyone at Greenwood Homeschooling passed and did VERY well this year! When school ends next year, my mom can say she has taught every grade. Pre-K all the way to 8th grade!!! Thanks Mommy!! We love you! Great job every one for a fantastic school year!!!!!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Thanks Grandma Patsy

Science was so fun today! We did so many experiments. My favorite one is the butterfly garden! Robby, Audrey, Joey, and I planted seeds in a little patch for them to grow in. The plants will attract butterflies. Butterflies will lay eggs on certain ones and larvea will grow on them and the whole process. All the experimets were so fun! Thanks Grandma!!!

I will post pictures when I get them!

Work In Progress

Here is our down stairs bathroom. It is getting painted a light green. Very pretty. We had a flood in our house and so the insurance lets them paint the rooms when they were done fixing it. It is almost done! Soon we will have the little boy's room and the hall way done! Thanks for checking back!

Monday, June 9, 2008

The Horse Show

Welcome Back!
Audrey and I went to a Mini Horse Show at our Pony Club Riding Center a few weeks ago. It was loads of fun! Audrey rode her wonderful horse Magic very well! I rode the magnificent Jessie. We both rode and placed very very well! Thanks Grandma Patsy for taking the pictures. Thanks Momma for taking us and helping us getting ready and everything else.

Girl In Picture From Top Left to Bottom Right-Audrey, Audrey, Malary, Audrey, Malary

Chill'n Out In The Pool!

These are some pictures of Robby, Audrey, and Joey swimming. I zoomed in on these pictures and it looks awesome! They turned out pretty good since I took them with an old SLOOOOOW camera. So...mommy, I need a new camera huh? One like grandma's would be nice. I love you!

Thanks for visiting!!! Have a great day!

Silly Kids!

Update on the Duck!

Here is pictures of the duckling that hatched. He is getting SO big! He zips around in his pen with the other chicks that hatched!! So adorable! Thanks for checking back!!

Gigantic Garden!

Here is the lastest pictures of our garden produce. Audrey is holding up to her head to compare size. Haha! Isn't it gigantic???!!!!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Newest Member Of The Family!

Congradulations Paige!

Pagie Moe had a BEAUTIFUL baby girl today about 11:30, from what I have heard. Paige can tell you every thing! Her name is Kennedy Nevaeh Moe. She is 7.2lbs and 20 1/2"!!!! SO ADORABLE! Here are some of Kennedy's pictures!

Friday, June 6, 2008


Here are the duckling pictures! It finally let me load them!


Happy Birthday!


Happy Birthday Paige! We love you and wish you a very happy birthday!
Lots of Love,

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Newest Member On The Farm

I have an important announcment to make known to every one! We just had a duckling hatch! So cute! The duckling hatched about 5 minutes ago! So fun! See the pictures of the newsest member on the time. My computer won't load the pictures. I will try later tonight. Thanks for checking up!


How is everyone? So I have to explain the rest of the pictures on the right. All the pictures I have of my family they are making stupid faces! Gosh! I don't have any good pictures of the kids. So, Daddy Robby Audrey Joey Frank Brian, this is why you should smile nicely because you never know where it will end up!


I hope you are all doing great! We have a misunderstanding. I have had many complaints from two people about The Judds picture on the right. They bug me EVERYDAY! Now I have to explain the picture on the right. My mom and grandma participated in a church talent show. It was lip sync and they were the mom and daughter from the Judds. They danced on stage, faked the guitar and all that crazy stuff in front of the whole ward! Yep, they are crazy! Mommy, grandma, I hope that will embarrass you enough. Thanks for checking back here!


Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Hi There!
I hope everone is doing good! The Fallbrook Youth Fair was May 17. In last weeks paper ,I think it was, we are pictured in it!! Joey, Audrey, and me were all in the Village News!

Here is what the newspaper said about us:

4-H member Joseph Greenwood holds on to the goat he is showing in the dairy class of dry yearling does on a very warm afternoon.
4-H/Grange Junior - Taryn Sehnert, first place (left); Audrey Greenwood, second place center); and Maggie Schmutz, third place.
4-H/Grange Intermediate - Bradley Doke, first place (left); Kimberely Beier, third place (center); and Malary Greenwood, second place.

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Ashlyn!

I hope you have a wonderful birthday!


Monday, June 2, 2008


Welcome to the Greenwood Family blog! This will be a great way to share family news to everyone. Check back for updates and pictures. Thanks and come again soon!