Saturday, November 29, 2008


Chainsaw is so dang cute! My dad gave him a rabbit skina nd he loves it! Here are some pictures of him chewing it, that chewy louie!

This one is my favorite. He came running over super fast toward the camera. I turned so he wouldn't eat the camera. He ate me instead, I sacrificed myself for you to look at these pictures! Ha-ha-ha! Happy Holidays!

Robby's 12th Birthday

Happy Birthday dear Robbyeeeeeeeee, Happy Birthday to youoooooooooo! Here are some pictures of Robby and his presents. He is so excited now he can get the priesthood! Love you Robby! Hope everyone one had a fabulous Thanksgiving! We did!! Robby got a beta fish he named Charlie, a new BB Gun w/ a scope (he broke his last one), and BB's....

Audrey finally got her goldfish too! Bruce and Dory!

Enjoy the pictures!

Friday, November 21, 2008


Hello family, friends, and visiters! Today's hilarious story starrs Frank, Brian, and Chainsaw (our Jack Russel.) To cut to the chase, Frank wanted to baptise Chainsaw with the assistance of Brian. Yes, I know.... So Chainsaw comes into the house soaking wet fron head to tail. Frank's head is dripping too. Mommy talked to Frank about that.... Anyways, here are some cute pictures.

So since Frank's head was wet, the other boys thought that looked like fun. They gave each other "sink swirlies" and spiked their hair. Ha-ha-ha! Come back soon for more of the Greenwood Family moments.... At least Frank did that for a good cause, ;-)

Goatie Goats!

Hip Hip Hooray! We ultra sounded two of our goats! I wish I had pictures! Mine, Junie, is two and a half months along. So far there are two "babies" that we could see! Audrey's goat Pixie, is pregnant too but she wasn't far enough along to actually SEE. Audrey other goat Penny is probably pregnant. I am getting two more Nubians (with the big floppy ears) the first part of December and their are both going to have babies. I am so excited! Five goats will hopefully be having babies! Have a great weekend! Almost Thanksgiving too!!

Sunday, November 9, 2008


Hi everyone!

Sorry there hasn't been a recent update... We have been so busy with 4-H and all. I got a hair cut! Yup! I am going to have a picture up soon... I am not used to bangs yet... Well come back soon for pictures! Love ya!!