Saturday, February 20, 2010

Swimmin' In The Pond!

Welcome friends and family!

The recent rain storm filled our seasonal pond about 8+ feet deep! Deeper that our swimming pool. The kids begged and begged Mommy to let them swim and take our little blow up boats in it. Finally, almost a week later she said yes. The weather was about as hot as summer and the pond was evaporating. They had a blast! Enjoy their silliness!

Robby pumping up boat!


Brian- or he spelled his name "Brain" once....

Audrey and her goat Anastasia


The boys didn't realize how cold it was!

Doesn't Frank look a little nervous with Robby paddling?

Muscle Boys! Man, they're ripped!

Can you see Frank's feet?

One of Frank's many famous faces... bizarre kid I tell ya...

Joey decided to pencil dive in.

Kissy Kissy!! ha-ha!

This is what happens when Brian takes charge of the oar!

Audrey had difficulties paddling (you know in circles) but she thought she was Queen of Greenwood Pond!