Saturday, February 20, 2010

Swimmin' In The Pond!

Welcome friends and family!

The recent rain storm filled our seasonal pond about 8+ feet deep! Deeper that our swimming pool. The kids begged and begged Mommy to let them swim and take our little blow up boats in it. Finally, almost a week later she said yes. The weather was about as hot as summer and the pond was evaporating. They had a blast! Enjoy their silliness!

Robby pumping up boat!


Brian- or he spelled his name "Brain" once....

Audrey and her goat Anastasia


The boys didn't realize how cold it was!

Doesn't Frank look a little nervous with Robby paddling?

Muscle Boys! Man, they're ripped!

Can you see Frank's feet?

One of Frank's many famous faces... bizarre kid I tell ya...

Joey decided to pencil dive in.

Kissy Kissy!! ha-ha!

This is what happens when Brian takes charge of the oar!

Audrey had difficulties paddling (you know in circles) but she thought she was Queen of Greenwood Pond!


Ellen said...

Fun pictures. Craziness all around.

Grandpa said...

You all look like you were having a good time. It's a lot of fun swimming in a pond. Too bad it won't stay, so you could load it with fish!
Hope it stays full for a loooooong time!

paigemoe said...

Such great photos! You guys are crazy to swim in that dirty rain water pond. At least you had fun doing it. I always love your pics. Great job! Love you!