Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Graphic Design Artists


Here is our new business website!

Please spread the word! Share with everyone! Thanks so much for your support!

The Graphic Design Artists
All Areas Of Graphic Design

Malary & Patsy

Monday, July 28, 2008

Girls Camp 2008

Braiding Train
Meeting spot behind cabins
Alexis my cuz and me
Alexis, Alexis and Sarah

Here are some girls camp pictures. Girls Camp was at Camp Buckhorn in Idlewyled. It was so great! Girls Camp is a great spiritual experience. I hope next year we go to Beaver, Utah next year! If you want more pictures let me know. Thanks for visiting!!

Brian's Birthday Pics

Here is Brians Fourth Birthday Pictures!! Thanks for visiting!!

Brian and his Cake I made! I am so proud of my self! haha
Brian's Four Candles
The Fire Breathing Dragon
Blow out the candles
They slayed the dragon. This is an after picture.

Present #1
Darth Vader blanket mommy made!
Next Presents! He got some more Star Wars toys. He had a great birthday! Fun filled! AND candy filled!!! Pinata too!!

Del Mar Pictures

Hi Everyone! I hope your summer has been treating you well! Here is a link to some of the 600 Del Mar Pictures! If it doesn't work email me and I will send you a differnt one that will work better. Thanks!


Saturday, July 12, 2008

Happy Birthday!

Today is Brian's 4th birthday!! Happy birthday! I will post pictures when the real party begins! You know, presents, cake, the whole she-bang! Have a nice day!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Grandma Hamptons Update

Hi everyone! How have you been this summer? Here are some pictures from my Grandma Hampton up in Utah! She had a great fourth of July too! She sent me so many wonderful pictures. The captions next to the pictures are her own words! Love you all! Oh, I got to get worknig on those Del Mar pictures! Have a nice day!

Sunsets on the mountain!

Morfar on Memorial Day (when I was there) in his Pearl Harbor outfit.

We were in the 4th of July Parade! Here we are in grandpa's truck hauling Little League Boys with squirt guns! It's WAY more fun towatch the Parade than to be in it!! ( I did get to throw candy at the kids!)

Aunt Jeane and New Uncle George at the Hunter Family reunion.

We went to the Native American Pow Wow in Cedar! Cason ,in the red , was one of my students last year. He was one of my favorites I will miss him. He danced at the Pow Wow!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Big Hoof Hearted Dairy Goats

How have you been? Well here is my new website! It is for our dairy goat herd! Please pass it around to friends and family! Check it out at:

Thanks so much!

Summer Activites

Hi Everyone! How was your week? Our was great! We have been planting in the garden, swimming, playing with animals, and watching movies! Fun summer!

On July 12 is Brians Birthday!!! I will be psting pictures of Brian turning 4!

On July 15-18 is Girls Camp. Our theme is Wonders Of The World. Our ward chose The Aurora Borealis. The northern lights! We have really cool tie dye t-shirts! Also during that time Alexis McCallop is coming!! Yeah! My cousin Alexis is going to camp with me! Whoo Hooo!

My dad is also leaving the same time as Girls Camp for Beaver, Utah! He is going to a scout thing there. He is such a scout geek.

Grandma Hampton, any pictures you send me I will put on my blog! I love you all!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

My Other Websites

Please go to my webpage I published at

It is Grandma Patsy and my business. I have been trying to figure out how to change the website address beause my business has nothing to do with our ranch! Please share our webpage with people! I love to work! Thank you!

My other website I will be publishing soon, as soon as I get pictures up, is for our goat herd. It looks awesome!
Thanks for checking back!

Friday, July 4, 2008

Independance Day!

Happy Birthday America!

Happy 4th of July everyone!! We had a wonderful breakfast at the church! We cant wait to watch the fireworks! The Ahrends and Petersons all came out to swim too. That was fun battling with pool noodles! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Finally An Update!

Hello Everybody!!

Wheww, the fair is over for us! It was SO MUCH FUN! Audrey and I showed really well! The goats were so funny. I can't wait for next year. Then we will be down there for 2 whole weeks!! Haha! I will post some pictures later. Grandma Patsy took some great ones.
Aunt Judy and Uncle Butch came out yesterday. The came and saw us today! I am so glad they stopped by. It was so fun talking to them.
ALEXIS!! I cannot wait! not counting today, in 13 days YOU WILL BE HERE! My cousin from North Carolina is coming to girls camp with me. I will be gone for another four days (15-18) so dont expect updates then. On the 19 there is going to be a reunion too! I cant wait to post pictures of that.
I am glad to here that my Aunt Paige's baby is doing great. Her baby pictures she posts on her blog are so funny!! Her blog is She is such a great mother.
Sorry I didnt post any pictures this time. I will also post pics of the duckling. He is SO BIG!! Oh my gosh is he huge. All the animals are fine and dandy too.
We have been sleeping out on our balconey! It was been too hot in our rooms. I love it out under the stars! Oh, Brian's birthday is the 12th!! Happy Birthday! He is going to turn 4! That means that my mom is getting old! Ha-Ha-Ha! Well, I hope you still will check back for updates! Have a great summer!