Friday, October 30, 2009

Very Funny Robby

Robby had already seen the video. I asked him to scream and he said "no." Here is Robby being funny. Geeezzzz...

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Brian Less Scared Than Audrey!

This time, Brian got tricked into watching the tic-tac-toe scare. At the end, a creepy person screams! Brian was defiantly less scared that lunatic Audrey! "What the?" Ha-ha-ha! So cute! Adios!

Sneak Attack on Audrey!

Happy Almost Halloween!

Grandpa Needham did send me an email game of tic-tac-toe. At the end, a creepy guy flashes on the screen. Of course, it didn't scare me... Nice try G-Pa!

I set up my computer's camera to record Audrey at her best! Enjoy!

If you wanna see the creepy tic-tac-toe game:

Gray, blue, white, green, and orange! How many colors of pumpkins can there be?

Carving, eatting, decorating, fun, messy! How many uses for pumpkins can there be?

I am uploading the pictures I took of the kids gathering pumpkins. When that is done, I'll put a link from Kodak Gallery on here. Thanks for stopping by!