Monday, March 16, 2009

YW Poem Book Cover

Here is the cover page I was talking about a few posts down for my YW in Excellence project. The cover was well over a couple hours! haha! Each flower represents a YW value. The second page on the inside of my "book in progress" explains the value-color-and what flower (or leaf) haha! Enjoy!
Faith- White
Divine Nature- Blue
Individual Worth- Red
Knowledge- Green
Choice and Accountability- Orange
Good Works- Yellow
Integrity- Purple
And the new value:
Virtue- Gold

Try to Keep Up With Us?

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Long Time No Post!

Hello!!! Sorry I haven't updated recently. I have been working on my new blog

I have been taking pictures and they turn out so beautiful in cards. I love photography! Thank you Grandma Patsy for my upcoming photography classes! One is at the San Diego Zoo for a night time session. The other is from Palomar college. You get to go to a skate park, special garden, a lake thingy to take pictures and they teach you about wildlife photography.

Another thing I am excited about is my poem book!! I write poems (mostly spiritual) and I am making it into a book with this awesome cover I am making in photoshop. It is my YW in Excellence project.

Half of our family went to a BBQ at my Grandma and Grandpa Needham's. The other half was sick. We had delicious hamburgers, hot dogs, Aunt Paige's WONDERFUL muffins, etc.. Ha-ha! I am not joking Paige! They were absolutely YUMMY!

There is this cool Vista Stake Young Women's blog ( ) that has great info and messages and pictures in it. I like visiting it!

The Ahrends and Mescalls came over a couple weeks ago and here is a cute picture I took of all the kids in front of the TV watching Madagascar 2. HA-HA! Matty you're hilarious!