Monday, March 16, 2009

YW Poem Book Cover

Here is the cover page I was talking about a few posts down for my YW in Excellence project. The cover was well over a couple hours! haha! Each flower represents a YW value. The second page on the inside of my "book in progress" explains the value-color-and what flower (or leaf) haha! Enjoy!
Faith- White
Divine Nature- Blue
Individual Worth- Red
Knowledge- Green
Choice and Accountability- Orange
Good Works- Yellow
Integrity- Purple
And the new value:
Virtue- Gold

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Anonymous said...

Hi Sweetie! Love your blog! gave your blogspot to Tyler. Your blog gets better every time I visit it! Your Book Cover is beautiful you are quite the photographer! Grandpa still busy in Bryce Me busy at school wish all my students at school were as sweet as you!...Love Grandma Cathy xxooO