Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Cowboy Brian

I love this.... He is so cute.... I love photoshop!

Hillbilly Joey

My dad is doing a skit for woodbadge or something so, he got this fake beard....
Plus Brian is so cute! Hope you like the pictures! Thanks for stopping by!

The teeth fit, Joey!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Beautiful Clouds

I took some pictures yesterday of the clouds. I took at least 40! Here are some of my favorite ones. Hope you like them! The weather has been great this past week. Cool, windy, and beautiful. Some of the pictures I took were early in the morning. The others were a couple housr later that same day. Come again!

The Birdy Nests

Awh, Saturday at the Greenwoods. Frank, Brian and Joey in their birdy nests. The boys are watching Tarzan. They are so cute!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Update Some More!

My mom has her hair chopped off a few days ago. 14 inches!! She is going to donate it to Locks Of Love. As soon as I catch a picture of her I will post it.

Robby conducted his first Court of Honor. A Court of Honor is where all the scouts and parents meet to give out awards and merit badges and talk about how they earned. I took some pictures with Grandma Patsy's camera and will post them later!

Well a lot happened in church. So many people are moving! So in Young Womens, we have all new leaders and teachers. Except for Sandy Turley, she is my Beehive teacher! I love her! Anyways, my very own Grandma is the new President!! Woo hoo!!! My mom sadly left her little sunbeams and now she is the secretary in Young Womens!! YEAH! I am excited! Jennifer Ahrend is in Young Womens now too! She was my achievement days leader. These leaders are just what theses girls need. "No more fluff!" is what my grandma and Sis. Allan said! I am sure they have great plans and ideas! This will be great! I will DEFIANTLY miss my other leaders. I love them too with all my heart. I have a poem I wrote about friendship, which will be in the next newsletter. Come back soon, I hope you enjoy reading the Greenwood Family blog!!!!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

New Choice

I have decied to post "Hillbilly Heaven" The Greenwood Family Newsletter on the blog each month. Here is the September issue. I am also have been published again!! I took I picture and wrote about it and submitted it to the Village Newspaper. Go to to see my photo and article that got in the newspaper!! Thanks!!

Check Out the Moe Family Blog

If you want to see the cutest baby girl blog ever, go to

My Aunt Paige does an EXCELLENT job of taking pictures and videos. Kennedy is the so adorable! Please visit her blog, she was posted the CUTEST pictures!! Thanks for coming by!!

Star Wars Birthday Card

My dad's birthday was the 30th of August, and I have been wanting to put the cover of his birthday card I made on the blog. So now I am!! Here is the cover of his birthday card. Chirstene, tell Garret happy late birthday from the Greenwood! Miss and love you guys! Thanks for checking out the blog and come back soon!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Be A Follower Today!

I added a new feature on the blog that allows you to follow The Greenwood Family blog. It's on the right hand side of your screen. It sure would be nice to know who checks the blog from time to time. Click "Be A Follower" and become a follower today! Thanks!!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Model Horse Rally Is A Hit !!!!!!!!!!!

September 5 and 6, 2008 was the Sandia Creek Ranch Pony Club Riding Center's (SCRPCRC) Model Horse Rally. It was a blast. A Model Horse Rally is where you take a toy horse and pretend it is really and you are at a show, or rally. It taught young and older the do's and dont's about rallies. SCRPCRC held the rally. SCRPCRC is where Audrey and I take once a month group riding lessons and do Pony Club! We love it there. Audrey and I were both team leaders. I was on crutches. Long Story short; my jeans got caught in my bike's chain and I crashed. This was a couple days ago. The chain cut through my heel. It left a huge, deep, greasy, bloody, gash. I cleaned it really good. It was very swollen but has healed a lot. I can't walk on it... Therefore, I was a team leader on crutches. To make it even better, the kids on my team were an 9 year old, a 10 year old, and a 6 year old. They behaved......... So I couldn't put my riding pants over my foot. Remember, it was just like a real rally, except everything was miniature and fake. It was really a great learning experience. I couldn't do most of the stuff, but I did the jumping course!! Over 7 jumps!! In the "Broken Division" they called it because they was a little girl that sprained her ankle but could walk on it. I also had to go up and down hills and sleep in a tent which was awesome! I was gimpy, crippled, disabled, broken, lame, and some other names. My dad cooked breakfast for us, ALL OF US! Kids and adults!! He got there at 4 am to cook us Mess of Potatoes which was DELICIOUS!! The kids all helped me and were great. I had a great time, except when my arms got sore!! ha-ha!! My team was called the Red Cross Racing Horses. Our equipment matched; white with a red cross and everything. Hopefully you get it! Red Cross= me being "crippled". My team was awesome for little kids. Out of three teams in our division we got 2nd place!!!! That was with me not being able to do everything too!! Audrey's team was 13 and 14 year olds. They called themselves "Z Team". The got first place in their division. School is tomorrow so I better get to sleep! Also, in October we are going to another goat show!! Yeah!! Thanks for coming by!!!

Thanks To Travis

"To solve a problem, you have to have certain skill..." is what my dad told me. He had to go clean a house because someone was about to move into it. He was going to clean the floors, walls, cupboards, everything, but, the problem was he was by himself. So he got help. Travis Ahrend is a fantastic house cleaner. They both worked really hard. My dad stayed up two days and one night working, cleaning and making breakfast for a Pony Club Rally (which I will talk about later!) Thank you so much Travis for helping my dad! It means a lot to our family. You now have a special treat heading your way! Thanks again Travis!!!!!!!!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Birthday Present & Spiderman

Here is a picture of Daddy's birthday present. We bought all the patches. Except for the Arrow of Light, which we will put on later. Mommy stained it and sanded it. Then put the patches on. He like it. We are still deciding where to hang it.

Brian was so cute this morning, I had to take a picture! Spiderman with a lightsaber!! Ha-ha!!
Come back soon!!!