Monday, September 15, 2008

Update Some More!

My mom has her hair chopped off a few days ago. 14 inches!! She is going to donate it to Locks Of Love. As soon as I catch a picture of her I will post it.

Robby conducted his first Court of Honor. A Court of Honor is where all the scouts and parents meet to give out awards and merit badges and talk about how they earned. I took some pictures with Grandma Patsy's camera and will post them later!

Well a lot happened in church. So many people are moving! So in Young Womens, we have all new leaders and teachers. Except for Sandy Turley, she is my Beehive teacher! I love her! Anyways, my very own Grandma is the new President!! Woo hoo!!! My mom sadly left her little sunbeams and now she is the secretary in Young Womens!! YEAH! I am excited! Jennifer Ahrend is in Young Womens now too! She was my achievement days leader. These leaders are just what theses girls need. "No more fluff!" is what my grandma and Sis. Allan said! I am sure they have great plans and ideas! This will be great! I will DEFIANTLY miss my other leaders. I love them too with all my heart. I have a poem I wrote about friendship, which will be in the next newsletter. Come back soon, I hope you enjoy reading the Greenwood Family blog!!!!

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Christene said...

I am really excited about the new YW presidency too. How fun to have all those inspiring women around you!