Monday, December 15, 2008

Cathy and Larry's

On December 6, the whole gang went down to San Diego for a family holiday party at our Aunt Paige's In-laws; Cathy and Larry. It was so fun! The food was delicious, we played and had so much fun, and got to visit with everyone! Thank you Cathy and Larry!! Here are some fun pictures. The dogs (ours, Paige/Matts, and Cathy/Larry's) had a great time too! The kids had fun playing with Matt and Daddy in a dog toy game (look closly and you can see the ball they are playing with) and basketball. Sorry if the pictures aren't all that close up! Ha-ha! Come again soon! Time to get back to the fire! We had about 2 1/2+ inches of rain!!!!!!

Click here to see the pictures ->

If you can't open it, email me! Happy Holidays!

Friday, December 5, 2008

One Day Later....

The gingerbread houses survived!!! sorta... Here is the outcme of not even a day! haha! Have a great weekend!!
Audrey and Joey's~ Notice the Christmas trees are stripped...
Frank and Brian's Most of the candy is
missing! Gasp!
Malary and Robby!!!

Gingerbread Houses

And here are the results!! Last night we broke into three teams of two and decorated gingerbread houses. Malary and Robby VS Audrey and Joey VS Frank and Brian.... You can imagine the differences...

Audrey and Joey's Frank and Brian~ They worked the hardest on theirs. Mostly eating the candy, but their roof cracked down the middle. We all know how hard it is to get the roof to stay on the walls, but theirs was cracked too!! Good job Frankie and Brian! Brush your teeth good! (That candy is so disgusting though! The gingerbread is like cardboard too! haha)

Malary and Robby

Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Ultimate Birdy Nest I

This is the first huge birdy nest ever!!!!! 8 huge blankets and who knows how many pillow??! Ha-ha! It was so much fun. Frank thought it was great to jump into and hit all the squishy pillows and blankets. Joey didn't want his picture taken, but I got it anyways! Ha-ha! Enjoy your week!

Even Chainsaw snuggled in too!!

Snuggle Bugs

Chainsaw just makes him self comfortable whenever he wants.

Chainsaw and Audrey are so funny. Good thing he likes to snuggle!! Ha-ha!


Holidays come and go. Chirstmas is almost here! Have you done your shopping? Don't reminder me, right? Ha-ha! Well how 'bout the perfect card? I can design, craft, personalize, fantasic cards for you! Get a "deck" of personalize holiday cards! Or just one! Have something in mind? OR just let me design it for you! I have some some cute ones I made earlier in the week. Email me if you want to see them. Go to to see more options on cards. I would love to make cards/invitaions/ etc... Email me to get it all together with a price. Thank you and enjoy you holiday season!

More Birthday Pictures

Here is pictures of Robby's cake. It was great; he had trick candles!!Ha-ha! The missionaries were over and everything! Also a reminder to become a follower if you haven't already. I like to know who visits the blog. Thank you! Love you!

Saturday, November 29, 2008


Chainsaw is so dang cute! My dad gave him a rabbit skina nd he loves it! Here are some pictures of him chewing it, that chewy louie!

This one is my favorite. He came running over super fast toward the camera. I turned so he wouldn't eat the camera. He ate me instead, I sacrificed myself for you to look at these pictures! Ha-ha-ha! Happy Holidays!

Robby's 12th Birthday

Happy Birthday dear Robbyeeeeeeeee, Happy Birthday to youoooooooooo! Here are some pictures of Robby and his presents. He is so excited now he can get the priesthood! Love you Robby! Hope everyone one had a fabulous Thanksgiving! We did!! Robby got a beta fish he named Charlie, a new BB Gun w/ a scope (he broke his last one), and BB's....

Audrey finally got her goldfish too! Bruce and Dory!

Enjoy the pictures!

Friday, November 21, 2008


Hello family, friends, and visiters! Today's hilarious story starrs Frank, Brian, and Chainsaw (our Jack Russel.) To cut to the chase, Frank wanted to baptise Chainsaw with the assistance of Brian. Yes, I know.... So Chainsaw comes into the house soaking wet fron head to tail. Frank's head is dripping too. Mommy talked to Frank about that.... Anyways, here are some cute pictures.

So since Frank's head was wet, the other boys thought that looked like fun. They gave each other "sink swirlies" and spiked their hair. Ha-ha-ha! Come back soon for more of the Greenwood Family moments.... At least Frank did that for a good cause, ;-)

Goatie Goats!

Hip Hip Hooray! We ultra sounded two of our goats! I wish I had pictures! Mine, Junie, is two and a half months along. So far there are two "babies" that we could see! Audrey's goat Pixie, is pregnant too but she wasn't far enough along to actually SEE. Audrey other goat Penny is probably pregnant. I am getting two more Nubians (with the big floppy ears) the first part of December and their are both going to have babies. I am so excited! Five goats will hopefully be having babies! Have a great weekend! Almost Thanksgiving too!!

Sunday, November 9, 2008


Hi everyone!

Sorry there hasn't been a recent update... We have been so busy with 4-H and all. I got a hair cut! Yup! I am going to have a picture up soon... I am not used to bangs yet... Well come back soon for pictures! Love ya!!


Thursday, October 30, 2008

Funny Video

Sorry I haven't updated. I tried to a few times but my internet wouldn't let me sign in. Oh well.

Here is a video of Audrey. It was about a year ago when I first got my webcamera. Audrey was my test run. I told you to make up stuff to see if the sound worked and everything on it... Ha-ha! Enjoy!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Audrey's Birthday Pictures

Presents included two animal figurines, candy, and fish supplies. She is going to pick out her own goldfish...

Blow out the candles

Birthday excitment

Here are some pictures I took at Audrey's birthday. We had two suprise parties for her; lucky duck! One surprise from the family, and one surprise party with her friends. Sorry I haven't updated latley. We have been so busy! Thanks and come again soon!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Happy Birthday Audrey

Happy Happy Birthday Audrey Dear!!!

Double Digits! 10!

Love~ The Family!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Penny Raine

Homeschool is a great website. I found out about a really awesome blog through using the homechool Penny Raine has a Christian blog that is simply wonderful. She has great ideas, cute pictures, and fantastic e-books. Please visit here site at

Thanks for coming by!

Suguturaga Family Blog

I just love their family! Here is their cute blog.


Thursday, October 2, 2008

Sick... Yuck...

I really strongly dislike being sick. I have been sick for a week now and finally, started to recover. I have some pictures I took a while back. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, we will be gone at a show/fair, So Cal Fair. Audrey and I will be showing goats. Fun fun fun.

We got a new dog! Chainsaw, is Audrey's early birthday present. A 3 month old Jack Russell Terrier. Ok, I know what you are thinking. No, not a Jack Russell! They are so crazy and hyper blaw blaw blaw.... Well, for 6 hyper children you need a hyper dog... Anyways, Chainsaw is super calm. The lady we got him from as been breeding his mom and dad for 13 something years! This was the last time she was going to breed. She bred this line of JRT because they are so calm. He loves the kids, super friendly, and just hyper enough. I am taught him sit, lay, leave it, and roll over. He is pretty smart for a stupid mutt. Ha-ha!

There was a strange fire on Camp Pendalton. I took pictures of the smoke.

I went to Sea World for 4-H. We had a booth and helped little kids smother peanut butter on a pine cone and roll it in bird seeds. A perfect bird feeder. It was great, fun, crazy, and all that. We made about 150 bird feeders with kids. Oh, there are some weird people...... never mind hahaha

Aunt Christy and Uncle JR (they aren't really our aunt and uncle but, what the heck right?) came and visited earlier today. So good to see them!! They live in Utah, and came for some fun family business. The kids played and went swimming. Their kids have grown so much from the last time I saw them. I love their family.