Friday, November 21, 2008


Hello family, friends, and visiters! Today's hilarious story starrs Frank, Brian, and Chainsaw (our Jack Russel.) To cut to the chase, Frank wanted to baptise Chainsaw with the assistance of Brian. Yes, I know.... So Chainsaw comes into the house soaking wet fron head to tail. Frank's head is dripping too. Mommy talked to Frank about that.... Anyways, here are some cute pictures.

So since Frank's head was wet, the other boys thought that looked like fun. They gave each other "sink swirlies" and spiked their hair. Ha-ha-ha! Come back soon for more of the Greenwood Family moments.... At least Frank did that for a good cause, ;-)

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Christene said...

I love seeing Brian's little personality coming out in those photos! Congrats on the goats. What fun. I thought you were going to post haircut pictures????