Monday, December 15, 2008

Cathy and Larry's

On December 6, the whole gang went down to San Diego for a family holiday party at our Aunt Paige's In-laws; Cathy and Larry. It was so fun! The food was delicious, we played and had so much fun, and got to visit with everyone! Thank you Cathy and Larry!! Here are some fun pictures. The dogs (ours, Paige/Matts, and Cathy/Larry's) had a great time too! The kids had fun playing with Matt and Daddy in a dog toy game (look closly and you can see the ball they are playing with) and basketball. Sorry if the pictures aren't all that close up! Ha-ha! Come again soon! Time to get back to the fire! We had about 2 1/2+ inches of rain!!!!!!

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If you can't open it, email me! Happy Holidays!


Christene said...

okay... time for an update! :)

Anonymous said...

ya im with Christenetime for an update!