Monday, July 7, 2008

Summer Activites

Hi Everyone! How was your week? Our was great! We have been planting in the garden, swimming, playing with animals, and watching movies! Fun summer!

On July 12 is Brians Birthday!!! I will be psting pictures of Brian turning 4!

On July 15-18 is Girls Camp. Our theme is Wonders Of The World. Our ward chose The Aurora Borealis. The northern lights! We have really cool tie dye t-shirts! Also during that time Alexis McCallop is coming!! Yeah! My cousin Alexis is going to camp with me! Whoo Hooo!

My dad is also leaving the same time as Girls Camp for Beaver, Utah! He is going to a scout thing there. He is such a scout geek.

Grandma Hampton, any pictures you send me I will put on my blog! I love you all!

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