Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Hi There!
I hope everone is doing good! The Fallbrook Youth Fair was May 17. In last weeks paper ,I think it was, we are pictured in it!! Joey, Audrey, and me were all in the Village News!

Here is what the newspaper said about us:

4-H member Joseph Greenwood holds on to the goat he is showing in the dairy class of dry yearling does on a very warm afternoon.
4-H/Grange Junior - Taryn Sehnert, first place (left); Audrey Greenwood, second place center); and Maggie Schmutz, third place.
4-H/Grange Intermediate - Bradley Doke, first place (left); Kimberely Beier, third place (center); and Malary Greenwood, second place.

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paigemoe said...

I love the Greenwood Family blog! I'm so proud of all of you - love you so much!