Thursday, May 7, 2009

Baby Nubians

About one week ago my dairy goat, Janel, had babies. Four babies to be exact! FOUR BABIES! WOW! I don't know where she put them! The little babies are just so darn cute! My mom had to pull three of the four out. Can you imagine having your hand up a goat (with a glove) and feeling around for one of the three tangled babies, maybe two of the 12 legs, and one head match to the legs! Ha-ha! Wow! Crazy isn't!

Anyways, here are some pictures, names, and more of the story.

These are videos are when they were about 1/2 hour old.

The pictures (besides the first one) are about two days later.

Oo-Da-Lally- third born- doe(girl) The biggest one too!

This is my Pretzel. Pretzel was second born. She was a breech. She came out (with a little help) upside down and twisted like a pretzel. Her registered name will probably be Cinnamon Sugar Pretzel though.

Mr. Wiggles- Last one born- buck(boy) He loves to snuggle!

Frank named this goat Ben Kenobi (from Star Wars) He was the first born.

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paigemoe said...

AHHHH... I LOVE the picutes and videos. The baby goats are so cute. Which one is Kennedy's goat? ;-)

We need to come up and see them very soon. We miss you and love you!