Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Santa Through the Ages

We got our picture with Santa today. 1 and 1/2 hour wait! UGH! I did not want to go and take my picture with Santa. But my mom wants us to look back one day and laugh because we hated it. It felt stupid being around crying babies. But then a few other kids in front of us, I notice, were my age with brothers and sisters. So I concluded, as long as I live in a house with my siblings, I am going to have to get my picture taken with Santa.

You might notice missing years. Those pictures are on my mom's external hard drive somewhere for when we took picture with the church Santa- (aka Brother Thorm).

Enjoy Santa Through the Ages- Greenwood Style!

Watch how the kids multiply!! Its like magic!

1995- Malary

1996- Malary and Robby

1997- Robby

1997- Malary

1998- Malary, Robby, and Audrey


1999- Malary, Robby, Audrey

2000- Malary, Robby, Audrey, Joseph

2001- Malary, Robby, Audrey, Joseph

2002- Malary, Robby, Audrey, Joseph, Frank

2005- Frank

2005- Joseph

2005- Audrey

2005- Robby

2005- Malary

2006- Malary, Robby, Audrey, Joseph, Frank, Brian

2008- Malary, Robby, Audrey, Joseph, Frank, Brian


The Greenwoods

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