Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Slightly More Normal Christmas Card

Hello again family, friends, and visitors,
Christmas Eve is tomorrow and SO much needs to be done. We've been cleaning outside a lot lately and 40 acres is a lot to cover. I've been cleaning down at the animals all morning so now I am taking a break before I go down again. I even let all the goats out while I cleaned!

Anyways, this picture is our Christmas card photo. My grandma made my sister's dress (red) and I (with lots of help) sewed my dress(black)! I wish I took pictures while I was making it. My grandma has always done the girls' Christmas and Easter dresses. Now, I'm going to start sewing my own. The pattern was my grandma's from high school. She kept a bunch of patterns.

I'll probably put more pictures from our Christmas Eve tomorrow night. Until then!

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Ellen said...

Hi Malary,
I love this post with Santa throughout the ages. You have grown a bit. Glad you found me. Blogging is fun, isn't it.

Your Seminary Teacher
Sis. Garrett