Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Decorating the Tree

Decorating the Christmas tree. You can tell that we are truly Mormon because we waited three days before Christmas to decorate the tree. It was fun and Audrey had her friend over. Enjoy the pictures!

This is my dad's new ornament. He was driving home from work and he passed this boot in the road. He turned around and grabbed the boot that was in a box. He said he looked everywhere for the other boot but couldn't find it. He made up all kinds of stories about who it could've belonged to and what not. So, every time we drive to and from town, we look for the left, size seven, brand new boot.

Audrey's First Christmas Ornament

Joey's first ornament

Frank's first ornament

Brian's first ornament

Of course, BSA neckerchief and
"A Major Award" from the Christmas Story
How "Greenwoodish" can one Christmas Tree get?

Audrey and her friend Scotlyn
who spent the night

Awwwww they just love each other so much!

Brian and Spongebob ornament

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