Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas Break Boredom

As you can see from the numerous posts within two days, I am extremely bored. I was seriously considering doing some school work. I've read every one's blogs and clean my room top to bottom. Christmas is coming fast. I told a few other people this; It seems like yesterday that I hung up a paper chain link of 25. Now only three are left hanging! WOW! Plus this is my break from packaging, peeling, and addressing late Christmas cards with my mom. A few more thing to do as Christmas stares me in the face.

Enjoy a Christmas poem I am working on about an angel looking over the nativity scene. This is the draft. If you read it slow and out loud it sounds better..... Until I get bored again! ~Malary

Above the stable, a bright contrast,
I, the brightest angel, yet another’s brighter
A pure face below me is much lighter.

Chin in my hands, I ponder the scene,
All below me stop and stare
To gaze upon this Heavenly heir.

This babe that was just in His kingdom,
Now lay in a feed trough for the creatures
Resting in the lowest with blissful features.

Admiration beamed upon their faces,
As I gazed next to the shepherds meek
With staffs so long, worn, and unique.

Much more emotions displayed,
Even under their beards like wool of sheep
Shepherds joyous of the babe asleep.

What makes the Wise Men wise?
For they knew this Lord so small
Would one day save us all.

Joseph’s countenance so humble,
A carpenter, with a hand on his wife
Pondered over this precious life.

This life he’d protect with carefulness,
An earthly father Joseph must be
For salvation, this infant is the key.

Soft, steady breathing of our Savior,
Tired and quiet Mary listened to him
A son she’d raise, with love to the brim.

Mary bent to kiss her baby’s cheek,
All sounds silent to worship our Lord
While all hearts sang with one accord.

Above the stable, I smile at last
And leave my Lord to finish his rest
On earth now to finish His quest.

1 comment:

Grandpa said...

Hi Mal!
I Love your blog! You are certainly a talented "little" girl, I love your poem.

I think we should go to Knott's Berry Farm every Weekend! Maybe they'd let us live there!