Thursday, January 22, 2009

Christmas Photos Finally

Howdy, howdy, howdy!

Here is a link to see all the Christmas pictures. Have fun! I also have Frank's brithday pictures (from Dec. 18th) to post too. CLICK THE LINK

We are goat sitting a very sick, sick, triple sick, goat. My mom, audrey, and I are taking care of her for a friend. Her name is Whistling Dixie. She is supposed to have her babies really soon. From now and less than 48 hours. Dixie got induced this morning, so any time now Dixie!! The sad part is (well at least one of the sad parts is) that we aren't sure if the babies are still alive. If you want the whole story let me know. It's pretty long and hard to explain over the computer. We are just waiting for a miricale.

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Sugufam said...

Greenwood Ranch,
We finally found ur blog too! yipee, your photos are so funny looking...we mean, cute. Us sugus' do miss you guys so much. Hope to see all of yall's soon and especially the aminals, yahoo!