Monday, February 9, 2009

Hello There!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOMMY! Feliz Cumpleanos Momma-cita! Ha-ha!

Second order of business;
Junie B., my dairy goat, is due this weekend to Monday. I am so excited!! I am going to be a grandma! Ha-ha! I am going to take a picture and post it here so you can see her big belly and cute, hairy udder. Just in case you forgot, here is a list of our dairy goats; Bad Penny, Bad Money, Diana, Junie, Janel, and Pixie. Penny, Junie, Pixie, and Janel are bred. I updated the dairy goat website ->

My meat goats are Lightning and Thunder. Please go to the website and look at the pictures.


The weather... Hip hip hooray some California rain! It hailed for two seconds but it was awesome.

Another update, I wanted to talk about my Personal Progress, in Excellence project. I write poems. I love writing! I am writing a couple of fun books right now. For my YW project I am making a book of all my poems! Grandma Patsy (YW Presidente) is going to help me. Thanks Grandma!

Lastly, I wanted to announce some girls camp fundraiser I am doing.

1. Homemade Cards- I am taking lots of pictures and making them in to note card packets. They include flowers, Chainsaw (our Jack Russell dressed in Build-a-bear clothes), Birds, and Paper Fashions. Professional homemade cards that are a great gift.

2. Ahrend Studios Photography Special Offer!! Please email me for details.

Thank you!

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