Friday, June 12, 2009

Malary's 8th Graduation

Well, I am done with my elementary education!!!! Well in a way; I still have 5 younger siblings to teach...

The Iowa Street School promotion ceremony was great. All the speeches were amazing and filled with voice. The pictures got annoying after a while but it was worth it.

I am going to Oasis High School. It's an independent study high school. I will also be taking online Palomar and BYU classes too. I can wait for school to start and I am excited that summer stared! I will be at the Del Mar for for two weeks, camping, and showing my animals with the family. Come down and see us June 21-July 6. It is always a great surprise to see people you know watching you clean your animal's pens in your really dirty, smelly, work overalls. The best part is you give them a hug in all that mess too. So please come down and visit so I can give you a smelly hug!! I hope to be able to blog during that time but I don't know. Thanks for checking back here at Greenwood Hoof Hearted Ranch. Where "It's Natural!"

The Greenwood Kids

Audrey and Me.

PTA President/Teacher and Me,
Aka Momma and Me.

Iowa Street Teachers
Left to Right:
Mrs. Dapper, Mrs. Blok, Miss Greenwood, Mrs. Leonard, and Mrs. Kessel. A HUGENORMOUS thank you to the teachers. I love them with all my heart. Mrs. Blok is our assigned teacher at ISS. She helped my family so much. Mrs. Blok is outstanding in every way; like all the teachers at ISS.
Mr. Leonelli and Me. Mr. L had an AWESOME tie on. He has fantastic programs we use on the computer and great lessons like building robots, claymation, and electronic field trips.

Me giving my speech...

Mr. Rhine and Me. Mr. Rhine is the Principal at Iowa Street. I has done so much for the kids at ISS and is a great example of leadership.

ISS 2009 Graduates and High School Graduation Class of 2013.
(Get it? Good job Mr. Rhine!)

Mr. Rusnell and Me. Mr. Russnell was my mom's 6th grade teacher. Hope that doesn't make him feel old. ;-) He is a great teacher and has awesome snakes!

Heather and Me. We are BFFs! She is a great friend and is always smiling! Congrads Heather!

Mrs. Hansen and Me. Mrs. Hansen used to do 4-H and stuff with her kids. She has great stories and helped me a great deal with my writing.

Mrs. Joneserbandt and Me. Mrs. J is the assistant Principal and is a great musician like Mr. L. She taught me Clarinet and my brother trombone.

The Stallion and Me. Aka Daddy and Me.

Mr. Rhine and Me with my certificate of promotion.

Mrs. Kaeser and Me. You know, Mrs. Kaeser isn't such a ba-a-a-a-a-ad teacher. Ha-ha!
(inside joke) Mrs. Kaeser taught so me much and I love her sense of humor and I love her laugh.


paigemoe said...

Congrats Mal!! What a proud moment for you and your parents! I am so proud of you too! Great pictures... I enjoyed every one of them. I love you and I am so proud of you. HUGS!!!

Sugufam said...

Good Job Malary! You're just a great girl in every way! We are all proud of you at our house! You are so smart. You might graduate college the same day you graduate high school! Hopefully we are not still here when you transfer to BYU. You and JayR could take classes together!! I hope we come back before that! We love you!