Friday, August 28, 2009

Summer BBQ

I'M STILL HERE! Sorry for the lack of updates. School is starting up again and we have been busy preparing. Sometimes the Internet won't let me upload any pictures.

Mike, Kate, and Ethan came down and visited with the family a few weeks ago. The food was filling and the weather was perfect! The kids had a blast rough housin' and what not. Enjoy the pictures!
Brian Blowing Bubbles
Kennedy tackling Joey.
Catch it Brian!!

She is was laughing at the boys I think.
"Ruuuuun Forest, Ruuuuun!"

Ethan and Audrey (plus Chainstink)

Grandma and Kennedy

Can you spot the football in the air?
Yup, she's just sugar and spice!

Chainsaw... what else is there to say?

The End!

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paigemoe said...

These are such great pics Mal! I love them all!