Friday, November 13, 2009

Fishing at Mataguay

After the Fallbrook Veteran's Day Parade, we all went fishing during the closed season of this camp. My dad didn't make reservations (as usual) or real plans (as usual) and asked the owner if we could fish. Eventually, he said yes! Since the camp wasn't open, no one was there! It was great.

The HUGE fish that teased Robby a few times but he never caught it. Grandpa Richard told me once,
"You never can catch a fish that you can see."
Brian's catch of the day. Well... the only catch Brian made that day...

Frank was the first one to reel in a fish. His little missing tooth is so cute!

Frank bring up his catch with a little help from Daddy. Closer up, their faces are so funny. Big, wide smiles.

Audrey didn't have much luck like the rest of us. It was a great trip!

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