Thursday, July 29, 2010

Suguturaga Family We Love You!

Suguturaga family, Greenwood family, and McCallop family take over Live Oak Park with a little of my photoshop magic... Enjoy

Brian peeking through tunnel on the playground

Joey and Nata being silly

Joey and Nata best pals!

Suguturaga's Pretty Pink Toes

Jaidyn McCallop

Sami Suguturaga

Lili Suguturaga

Leah Suguturaga

Simeon Suguturaga

Newest Baby Suguturaga


Sami's shoes... Wish they were in my size


Sugufam said...

Wow malary. You are good!!!!

Ellen said...

You got that colorization thing down. Cool and great pictures, Malary.

Grandpa said...

Great pix of good people!