Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Funny Frank

Well not much to report on. But I have two funny stories to tell you about Frank. So one day this week Frank comes into the house very dirty. He has something brown, all over is right hand. I asked "Frank, what is all over your arm?" Frank answered like I was stupid, "Rock particles." Hahahahaha! Ok, story number two.
Frank had a lesson in church on repentence and sorry. Frank told my mom that sorry ment that you would never do it again.
So one day he kept bugging my mom, "Can I have a popcicle? Can I have a popcicle?" Over and over. "No Frank" is what my mom said to him. So the told day was Can I have a popcicle and then following it was No Frank. So finally my mom said" Frank, I am sorry you can NOT have a popcicle!" Frank pointed at her and said " Ha! You said sorry! You can't say "no" again!" Hahahaha! He is a smart little boy I will tell you that. Thanks for checking up on the Greenwood Family!

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