Saturday, August 2, 2008

School Starts When?!

Hello Everyone!!!

Greenwood Homeschooling starts this monday, August 4th. I am actually exicted!! I have another blog that you can look at. It is called The Homeschool Girl's Journal. Every friday I will give an update with pictures what we did that week. So you know what the life of a homechool family does! It will be great.

We went to the Wild Animal Park a week ago and I will post pictures soon. I also have GREAT news!! I just bought a new camera! A Nikon D40! Go to and seach Nikon D40. I am still working to pay it off. I paid for about half and then Grandma Patsy paid the rest. Now I am earning money by recycling cans and working. I am having SO much fun with my camera!! Thanks Grandma Patsy!!! Love you all!

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Anonymous said...

idk u started on the 4th!!! were starting this monday. awsum ill hav to chekc out that blog too i cant wait to see all your pictures. hope you pay it off soon. :]