Monday, August 25, 2008

"I'm Bring Home A Babby Bumble Bee! OUCH it stung me!

Yep! I got stung by a bee. Saturday, my friend and I were swimming and a bee came and stung me. I got the stinger out. Here is a picture a few minutes after I got stung...

Now, it is very swollen and itchy. I broke out a little on my arm. I cant wait for it to heal. Just a reminder, the newsletter will be going out on the 30th. If you aren't on my list I am sorry to say you don't get the newsletter. Hurry and subscibe! Things go in the newsletter that aren't on the original blog! Thanks for visiting and come back soon!

You can't tell it is really swollen in the picture but compared to my other arm it REALLY is!

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paigemoe said...

Ouch! That looks like it hurts!