Saturday, January 2, 2010

Back to Schedule on Monday

Christmas was fantastic. New Years Eve was crazy fun. New Years day was tiring. Now school has to start again. On New Year’s Day, we went to our church’s Avocado Bowl. The men (young and old) play football. It’s not a highly interesting game. But sadly, I didn’t take any pictures. After the football game, and after I played some baseball with my dad and siblings, we went shooting. I had some friends that really wanted to shoot. So, we shot multiple guns at clay pigeons and stumps. My friend Cheyenne and I shot a clay pigeon. Luck …. Um I mean skill mostly.

Hope Your New Year was refreshing and off to a good start. Wish us luck to get back on schedule for seminary, school, softball and all that other good stuff. And I wish you the best!

Tractor ride



Weirdo Audrey scared to throw the clay pigeon.

You can't see it good with with size of picture,
but you can see the clay pigeon.


Cara- gun lover

Can you see the bullet shell?

Genna before shooting the first time

Genna's face of pain after the first shot

After she got used to it

Look at her face, she's so excited!!

The guns is about as big as she is. Weight too!

Ta-da! Malary! Ha-ha

These are pictures taken by Cara. Watch my dad's face
"Ooh... "




Grandpa said...

Hi Mal! It looks like you had a good time. I see a number of your friends showing off their Hillbilly "skills".

paigemoe said...

GREAT pics Mal! I sure wish I was there shooting with you guys! Love you!