Thursday, January 21, 2010

How to Make Woofums

A few nights ago, our family dessert was woofums.
You don't know what a woofum is? You must have been hiding under a rock! Since a good majority of people never have heard of woofums, below are steps about how to make and eat woofums. It's a must try. Enjoy!

Step1: Take biscut dough, roll it out, and
shape it on the special woofum stick

Step 2: Cook dough over fire turning slowly till desire texture- Raw, Golden, or Charcoal Black
Tip: Try not to let the dough hit the ashes or roast completely in the fire

Step 3: Fill with choice of pie filling-cherry, apple, pudding, etc...

Step 4: Top with lots of whipped cream

and enjoy!

Look below and you'll know! Just woofum down!

(I love this picture. His shirt says, "Do I Really Have To Explain Myself?"

Have fun making woofums! Perfect for this wonderful, stormy weather!

P.S. Sister Garrett,
Sorry I couldn't come to seminary today or tommorow in this case. I have pictures of the flood I'll probably put up tomorrow. So sorry. Loved your blog about your daddy.


Ellen said...

Love the pictures. I kind of thought it was because of the rain. The kids said it was regular day on Monday (seminary at 6:20) but now I checked the FHS site and it says late start (not sure what we are going to do). Don't know how to get information to 80 kids about what time seminary really should be. Right now it is 6:20

crazy burnett6 said...

what is a woofum stick?

Malary said...

A woofum stick is a piece of metal with a wooden cork like thing on the end. My dad made them.

Nancy said...

These look so fun! Do you use refrigerator biscuits?

Nancy said...

These look fun! Do you use refrigerator biscuits?

Malary said...

Yes Nancy! Refrigerator Pillsbury dough biscuits are perfect.