Saturday, January 23, 2010

Nature Hike In De Luz

The rains have washed the earth clean again. Animals start to creep out of their hiding place. I went walking around my house and saw so much wild life. These picture were taken with my little D40: 55-200 lens. Not the greatest or up to date, but it works fantastic for a beginner like me. On this one little trip today, I took over 600 pictures.

Things to notice:
Water around goose- so cool!
Lizards tongue- blurry but amazing
Woodpecker- Look how blue the eyes are! I looked up this woodpecker breed and the eyes aren't supposed to be blue! Crazy!

The beauty out here in De Luz is just jaw-dropping. Sitting still, watching and listening was so relaxing. Enjoy the pictures.

Joey and the Aligator Lizard

Pawprints in the Mud- see the huge one?

Can you spot the road runner?


Grandpa said...

Beautiful job Mal. GREAT Pictures. You have the talent, for sure.

Ellen said...

Cool pictures! Love the water on the geese and the blue eyed woodpecker, that looks so weird. I hope your river is gone from the road now so I can see you at seminary again.

paigemoe said...

What awesome pictures Mal! Wow! you are so talented. I could use a few lessons from you. Keep taking pictures because I always love looking at them! Love you!

Grandpa said...

Cool critters, Sweety.

sylvia said...

great pictures Malary! You have a photographer's eye.